Play the World ’Down Town’ is an interactive ‘pause and play-along, party film’ with activities to compliment the story.


Join Emma Boor and her dog, ‘Doggy Bag’ as they get ready for doggy bags surprise party and play along with the video for as long as it suits the needs of your party or group.

You will meet Emma and she will tell you about her secret plan to surprise doggy bag with a party. Then they will both set off ‘Down Town’ on the bus and visit The Post Office, The Dog grooming Parlour and the Cake Shop.

In each shop, there is a different way to play, helping the shop-keeper overcome a fun challenge. Once you have met the shop keeper and some funny puppet characters, you will watch part of the video where some children show you how they undertake the party play.

Then when it says ‘Pause now if you want to play’ pause the film and take part, get out the materials needed in each box and Play along. When you are ready to move on, put all the equipment back into its box and start the film again (maybe 5-10 minutes for each play section) and then continue with the film. Very focused children can always return to the materials at the end. After you have visited every shop, it will be time for the party. To finish, join in with the film, singing happy birthday to Doggy Bag in the a silliest voice you can!.

The last activity is to make your own ‘Doggy Bag puppet’. Watch the ‘Doggy Bag’ puppet making video to make your own puppet and then it can join in as part of the party.

Download the Party Invite
Download Dog Stamps Black and White
Download Dog Stamps Coloured
Download Cherries, Black and White
Download Cherries, Coloured
Download Bows, Coloured
Download Bows, Black and White

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