The inside of Emma Boors imagination is a truly unique and interesting place!

Emma Boor has been making, writing and performing puppet theatre for her company Wild Boor Ideas for over 20 years. Wild Boor Ideas can be found weaving its magic through Oxford and beyond!

Wild Boor Ideas values...

Wild Boor Ideas has been created to spread as much joy as possible through puppets, play, clowning, theatre, performance, imagination and story.

Through its shows, workshops and play sessions, Emma Boor aims to inspire creative thoughts and behaviour and to make the ordinary, extra ordinary. Have you ever seen an umbrella become a butterfly or brush a dog? Have you played in the ‘Magic Woods’ or visited the Shoe Farm? You can with Wild Boor Ideas!

Wild Boor strives to allow children and adults to express their creative side, taking risks, being open and being in the moment. Using puppets and play to be vulnerable and magnificent beyond measure!

Wild Boor Ideas is about silliness, fun and laughter and celebrating our world, our bodies, our thoughts, our feelings and our dreams. ‘Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because its been sober, responsible and cautious, but because its been playful, rebellious and immature’. Tim Robins.

Emma Boor has been called, all three of the latter.

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