Play The World-LIVE or Zoom option

Join Emma Boor and a host of puppet friends in creative, immersive play exploring a different world each session!

There are 16 different themed stories to experience, from Shoe Farms to Outer Space. Each session is packed with fun and engaging ways for you and your little one to play imaginatively and creatively with simple, everyday objects.

From clothes pegs to the humble plastic mixing bowl, there is a whole world of object play to be explored here!

This is a unique session, full of music, story, puppet characters, magical shadow puppetry and gentle clowning. Each session is based on a wealth of early years development schemas and includes space for child led play.


  • Lasts 45mins with free play at the end.
  • Each show requires 1 hour set up and 1 hour get out.
  • A designated space is required dark enough to see an OHP projector
  • Maximum 30 supervised children
  • Cost: £200 half day, £300 full day

‘Play the World’ tours schools, nurseries, libraries, museums, theatres and small venues.

The Puppet Pedlar

Which theme will you choose? What will you play today?

Thank you for this AMAZING play group this morning, you’re insanely creative! 😊 absolutely fabulous, loved it, we’ve signed up until December!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 👍🏻best theatre EVER

We love ‘Play The World’. After the first session we talked about imagination and what it is, my daughter said ‘Mummy, THIS is imagination’. Its so wonderful thank you.

You make each session so involved and special for the children, you are the best person we have had hear by far. Anna at Grandpont Nursery.

Play the World Gallery

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