The best, most magical, bonkers and enchanting Winnie and Wilbur show ever!

Korky Paul- illustrator of Winnie the Witch on Winnie and Wilburs Xmas Adventure

Stunning set and puppets, brilliant music and story-Wild Boors work feels truly inclusive.

Audience Member on Winnie the Witch.

I took Aaron, my 3.5 year old, to Tree Top Restaurant and we both enjoyed your magical, amusing rendition so much. It was thoroughly delightful! At times, Aaron seemed enthralled. He particularly enjoyed the active, participatory element. I found myself very engaged with it too. You are very talented. I don't think many children had difficulty sustaining attention throughout the show, which is no small feat.

Audience member on The Tree Top Restaurant

We love the videos. My boys look forward to your new ones and sing your "wild boor tv" jingle constantly.

Tegan Bennett, Parent on Wild Boor TV

Sophie Dear, Parent
We loved it! Baby sock was a particular hit here. However, much as I love our new brood of sock goblins, I’m rapidly running out of socks!

Sophie Dear, Parent on Wild Boor TV

Wow - absolutely fantastic. My 4 year old was totally engaged and we stayed for all 3 shows. Your puppets are wonderful and you bring them to life with with such enthusiasm and zest. I loved how much all the kids got in involved and will be looking out for where we can see you next.

Red Kite Days Blog about The Puppet Pedlar

Thank you for this AMAZING play group this morning, you’re insanely creative! 😊 absolutely fabulous, loved it, we’ve signed up until December!!  👍🏻best theatre EVER

Parent attending Play the World

Thank you so much for your amazing performances on Saturday.  Everyone had such a great time.  Visitors and staff have all commented on how much they enjoyed seeing your shows and have requested that we ask you back again soon so we will definitely be in touch about future events.

Primary Education Officers
The University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum

Emma Boor is a genius; amazing original music. We will be singing the songs for weeks. Both children (4 and 3) captivated throughout. Huge congrats on another great show.

Audience member on Cinderella Green

We loved this show so much; witty, sharp script; great messages; and lots of fun cultural references for adults and children throughout! Thanks so much.

Audience member on Cinderella Green

WOW you were brilliant!!!! My kids keep wandering around saying" Get your Rs' in gear"..so thanks for that! I loved everything about it... the  extremley catchy songs, the beautiful props, the comedy, the message……BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Audience member on Cinderella Green

If my family ever got shipwrecked and washed up on a desert island, I would really hope Emma Boor was with us. Out of the passing flotsam and jetsam she’d be able to conjure up a raft, but it would be a raft with a personality all its own, which would speak and encourage us to take care of each other, and she’d make the whole experience so much fun for all ages that we’d all be really looking forward to the next time we got marooned.

Jen Pawsey Daily Info

The Story Museum has employed Emma Boor (Wild Boor Ideas) as a regular artist as part of our Early Years creative programme since 2014. Wild Boor Ideas consistently delivers high quality shows and story experiences for younger audiences.

Ameneh Enayat Senior Producer The Story Museum

We absolutely loved this magical show. Glad to get our emma fix as she always makes us laugh out loud.

Anna and family on The Elves and the Shoemaker

Wild Boor Ideas have hit on a great one: involve every child in the audience in magical endeavours and you will have their rapt attention for almost an hour of seasonal fun.

Daily Info on Cinderella Green

Our 4 year old said ‘magic’. Our 2 year old is making all the twinkle lights with his hands. Thoroughly enjoyed by us all. thank you so much hope to see you again next year.

Audience member on The Elves and the Shoemaker

We love ‘Play The World’. After the first session we talked about imagination and what it is, my daughter said ‘Mummy, THIS is imagination’. Its so wonderful thank you.

Audience member at ‘Play The World’

You make each session so involved and special for the children, you are the best person we have had hear by far.

Anna at Grandpont Nursery.

Wild Boor Ideas values...

Wild Boor Ideas has been created to spread as much joy as possible through puppets, play, clowning, theatre, performance, imagination and story.

Through its shows, workshops and play sessions, Emma Boor aims to inspire creative thoughts and behaviour and to make the ordinary, extra ordinary. Have you ever seen an umbrella become a butterfly or brush a dog? Have you played in the ‘Magic Woods’ or visited the Shoe Farm? You can with Wild Boor Ideas!

Wild Boor strives to allow children and adults to express their creative side, taking risks, being open and being in the moment. Using puppets and play to be vulnerable and magnificent beyond measure!

Wild Boor Ideas is about silliness, fun and laughter and celebrating our world, our bodies, our thoughts, our feelings and our dreams. ‘Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because its been sober, responsible and cautious, but because its been playful, rebellious and immature’. Tim Robins.

Emma Boor has been called, all three of the latter.

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